1984: Personality Analysis of Winston Johnson Essay

Character Analysis Of Winston Johnson

Winston is the main persona in this novel and he seems to be segregated from each of the other personas in the book simply by his thoughts. It is Winston's uncommon persona that we see unfolding even as read through the novel. He seems to be the only person set apart from your rest of the character types. Through Winston's eyes and thoughts, someone gains an idea of the fresh society, which has no place for freedom, fact, or human emotions.

The unusual Winston makes the reader hate the culture that he is living in. In fact , the reader is built to empathize with all of his feelings and thoughts about the Party and the society created by it. You recognizes that Winston differs than almost all of his peers. He stubbornly holds on to his human being spirit, the thing the Get together most would like to break in him, while everybody else is brain-washed to believe whatsoever they are informed. In a world where everybody is merely existing and fulfilling the Party's wishes, Winston continues to believe, question, love, and feel like all cost-free human beings will need to.

Through Winston Smith, Orwell portrays a common mans struggle to preserve his personality, sanity, and natural rights in a culture that is filled up with fear, isolation, and low self-esteem. Winston can be portrayed being a man who also just really wants to satisfy his natural urges and find peace. He is able to do that for a brief while, through Julia, but the feeling of pleasure cannot continue because it is unacceptable to Big Brother. As a result, Winston is imprisoned, imprisoned, and tortured. Orwell's skill makes the reader understand Winston's discomfort, torture, and brainwashing in prison. This individual reacts much like any prevalent man would react, and the end, he appears to be totally broken and defeated. After he is reported " healed" by the Get together and " freed" towards the outside, Winston sees Julia again and realizes, in spite of his brainwashing and declarations to the Party, he nonetheless feels love for her. This sort of emotion cannot be...

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