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Subject- Marketing

Teacher- Daw Ohmar Kan Myint

Student- Tiffany

Roll No- 1HND- B0010- 03

Job 1: Advertising Concept and Marketing Method

Task 1 ) 1: Clarify the aspects of marketing process that you have discovered or appreciate (P1) First of all, I would like to explain the definition of Marketing provided by American Marketing Association. Marketing may be the process of organizing and doing the conception, pricing, promo, and syndication of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy person and organizational goals. The main purpose is the mutual pleasure of equally supplier and customer. Every company wants profit through their organization. That's why earning business and in addition they fulfill the user's needs and wants by doing business.

Marketing Strategy

The promoting concept is based upon the client. Because, the organization will not make it through, if there is not any customer. So , a company needs to know what goods, quality, patterns and services that consumers want. The customer's demands and wishes are always changing. Another meaning of marketing concept

'The marketing concept is a attitude that business decisions should be based on what the customers wants. ' Also need to workout how to satisfy the consumer whilst still making money.

Here are some examples with the company which will focus on clients wants and several company which usually doesn't think about customers wishes. " Ford" Car Firm only makes black autos long time ago. They just think buyers will buy black cars no matter how. In the beginning people are like to buy black cars since they you do not have much choice. As the technologies are moving forward, they're so many cars company like BMW, Mercedes, Toyota which usually produce several car styles and various colors. So , buyers are not willing to purchase from Ford anymore. Their enjoys are changing and they consider others as well. So , to get the " Ford", the customers are not willing to buy ever again. As the customers' demands and desires and lifestyles are changing, they will buy the products of any company which have verity of preference, fair price, various patterns or solutions. That's why; the business has to consider the customer's loves, needs, desires, what is fashionable, what technology or method need to make use of? Apple and Samsung will be the most famous technology companies which produce iphones, computers on the globe now. So just why do the buyers like? Since they have something that customers may well likes. Such as technologies, colours, functions, design and prices. They produce the very best smart phones on the globe; they know very well what a customer wants and and what will satisfy these people. No one would like to hold the handset with key pad in these days. So they will produce touchscreen with the best quality and with assorted functions. They're so genius and they exploring and keep an eye for the competitors and customers, conditions and trends all the time. Essential the company must also research on a regular basis. Need to watch what will the competitors do? What are the trends? What technology or method ought to use? What make the consumers satisfy?

The Marketing Process: Strategy and Planning

For the business we have to plan and need to make use of effective approaches. And also need to scan environment.

Situational analysis- Exterior (Macro) and Internal (Micro)

Exterior – The Macro Environment

The macro environment can be explained in terms of 4 key pieces.


P- Politics

E- Economic

S- Social & culture

T- Technology

This kind of PEST method is effective for a lot of business. Discussing see how it's work.

Here is an example, I would like to sell, artificial leather spencer in Africa and I will not use this method. Is that possible? No, I'm certain my organization won't workout. No one will buy. I need to think the social, tradition, environment and also economic of Africa easily want to market leather jackets. Therefore , that's why " PEST" technique is important for the organization and we need to plan and analyze the...

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