Community Unexpected emergency Preparedness Dissertation

Community Emergency Preparedness

Janell Mings

Lediglich 408 Epidemiology: Global and Public Health

Oct 29, 2012

Amy Reagan, MSN, RN

Community Crisis Preparedness

The Neigborhood events which may have taken place in episode five are related to a forest fire which has been burning from your community for over five days. The articles summarize the events and the effects of person by the forest fire which includes struck the community. The firefighters cannot contain the fire causing smoke to fill the skies within the neighborhood. The forest open fire has brought on smoky circumstances and decreases mid-air quality for individuals living in the community. With these conditions a large number of people in the neighborhood are affected. The episode ongoing by describing and going through the different people included and suffered with this forest fire. This showed the emotional, physical, and mental ailments of the people living in the neighborhood. With the loss of air quality the neighborhood hospital provides seen an influx of patients to the emergency room for treatment. The hospital is definitely overcome with all the needs of individuals coming for treatment related to the forest open fire. The nursing staff who at present work on the medical-surgical ground have been balancing patients during the day by discharging, admitting, and transfer patients through the clinic try to and make room for new individuals who need to get admitted. Kate, RN has been in business steadily onto her unit to provide care to her patient, yet felt stressed by her patient weight. Even though Kate is overworked, she will still provide proper care to those who require it. Additional nurses on the floor are disappointed with their jobs currently. It is affecting meaning on the device that which eventually will impact patient attention and results. A neighborhood emergency does not make issues any better for the nursing device. Pat, the nurse administrator for the ground is annoyed the hospital is definitely imposing mandatory overtime pertaining to his staff. There is previously a breastfeeding shortage intended for the unit, as well as the overtime can continue to make the moral low. The overtime is to overcome the medical shortage, but with the forest fire and increase of patients noticed and admitted to the hospital this comes a poor time. Many healthcare professionals are already pressured and unable to manage the current workload. Having to work extra is a burden on many who already are exhausted from the recent situations. Kate is one of the first responders to this crisis without even becoming on the open fire lines together with the firefighters or perhaps in the er with her colleagues. The girl with providing immediate care to those in need of her skills and expertise. The forest fireplace is not only exhibiting its influence on the local clinic but also the neighborhood mature center. A large number of seniors include voiced worries over the enhance smoke surrounding this time and the complications they have with breathing because of it. One particular senior specifically Mr. Dallion has mentioned that this individual has necessary to increase his oxygen employ since the forest fire has become burning. He can also worried about a coughing that has produced also. Karen, RN that works at the older center is concern intended for the elderly that she understands because of the air quality and the complications the elderly have reported. Karen has made it a point to tell the seniors to stay inside if at all possible to avoid breathing the poor quality of air. With this Karen is hoping that non-e of her aged people will have to be found or remedied at the local hospital. Karen having a good relationship with most of the older at the older center really should have a positive influence on them throughout this crisis. The elderly will be more very likely to use her advice and stay in the house to avoid the unhealthy quality of air currently impacting the local area. With the older being at this kind of a high risk for complications as a result of pre-existing conditions it is important to get Karen to get vigilant in helping to educate seniors at the mature center. Not merely are the older affected by poor people air quality by the forest flames but also the increase of...

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