Early Childhood Interview Dissertation

Developmental Interview Questions:

1 . Identify yourself.

" I i am 7 years aged, I'm a lady. I have dark brown hair and brown sight and I i am in second grade.

2 . Who is the main person within your life?

" My mom”

3. If you could transform one thing regarding yourself, what would it always be?

" Staying better for math”

some. Describe the things you believe is the best invention/thing you have ever seen?

" A computer because you can video-chat with your good friends and you can type stuff if you need to for university. ”

5. What is your many prized possession?

" My personal American Girl Doll that my dad bought for me in Chicago. ”

6. What is the biggest dread?

" Really tall heights”

7. Identify something that " bothers” you?

" staying rushed”

8. What have you done that you are many proud of?

" I exceeded level two in swimming lessons in the first do that last summer time. ”

9. Describe what you do for fun?

" Ride my personal bike, navigate to the park with my friends, play with my dolls and Barbies, go swimming during the summer, go to the films with my mom and grandma”

10. If you had 1 wish, what would you wish for?

" Even more American Girl Doll stuff”

Impressions and Reflections

I was extremely comfortable speaking with Suzy (age 7) mainly because she is my daughter. Nevertheless , I believe that I would be comfortable speaking with most children her age since I have encounter being around my daughter and her friends. Prior to the interview, I thought that Suzy would be self-assured in her answers. As well, I was astonished about her answers to many of the concerns. For example , her response to " describe something which bothers you” was " being rushed”. I was astonished to learn it turned out the thing that troubles her the " most”. Unfortunately, as a single mom that works, attends school and is also responsible for all of the household responsibilities I i am usually rushing around from a single place to another. In addition , I had been surprised which the one thing she'd...

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