Essay about Enron Honest Analysis


Enron Ethical Research

Gordon C. Shaw III

Grand Encolure University


This is a survey of business plans and techniques implemented by the Enron company policy panel headed by chairman Ashton kutcher Lay. The enigma of corporate duties and values of the Harrisburg based strength giant Enron are mapped out in a basic easy to read nota circulated through the entire several numbers of management and also to all personnel. It clearly defines and ethical and responsible approach that mimicked those straightener clad rules of sciene hammered away by the holy book and child years fables. However , if we compare these so called ethics of Enron with the actions all over the table another tale unfolds. One out of which a road filled with is placed deceit where money exceeds moral obligation and human values.

In the centre of this honest dilemma is the fact that overall power, through that I suggest money, of the organization reaches the center of the minds of everybody on the mature management personnel in the organization. Vision to become the worlds leading strength company is merely another way to allow them to say we want to take all the money as possible without respect to the guidelines. If they don't produce their stock holders satisfied with continuously raising capital gains then the selling price of the share will land and the company will lose revenue by permitting their traders slip into the loving biceps and triceps of one other firm abundant with prospect. So how does a corporation which has a declining revenue revenue and drastically raising debt margin turn their particular financial decline around without having turning brain onto the actual particulars happen to be surrounding this. The answers simple why don't we just take the simple left rather than the hard correct and lie to everybody in the whole organization, to the potential stockholders, to all of our current inventory holders, for the government, also to the magazine reporters in order that we will...

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