Hey There!:  Essay

Hsin-Yen Pai

SOAN one hundred ninety. 01

Professor McDuff

June. 12 2013

Crucial Thinking Work out #2: The First Assessed Century

1 ) What type of exploration method was used in the research of Middletown/Muncie?

According to the online video, the research approach used in the study of Middletown is surveys. The researchers survey high school students and housewife. And the information will help teachers and cultural scientists be familiar with changings plus the problems in this community the citizen deal with.

2 . Discuss this segment as an example of historical/comparative and longitudinal research.

The clip displays the similar natural economy of this community. In the beginning, this kind of community was the factory area but some of plants power down or shifted away little by little. The Ball state university and Ball memorial clinic so the assistance industry replaced the factory area. The joblessness rates swing down via 80% to 3% now.

3. What interpersonal conditions do the sociologists in this clip say led to the changes in Middletown/Muncie?

The green industrial community of this community is changed by the school town. Therefore , the support industry becomes the major changes in this Middletown.

4. What results of the research seem to be contrary to standard wisdom or " what everybody knows"?

The tradition idea of women is forty five years grow older. There are handful of woman staff in the workplace. However , there are a growing number of females earning a living for themselves or their families. Furthermore to traditional woman, faith also becomes more wide selection compared with the society of fifty years age.

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