How Economic system Affects the New Managers Going into Any Market Essay

In these days, our global economic provides stepped as well as faced with a large number of situations which usually affects with numerous companies for many years before. Many of big companies had been bankrupt and collapse, as an example, Lehman Friends, the fourth-largest US investment bank was collapse in 2008 via incurred deficits of huge amounts of dollars in the US mortgage industry (BBC 2008). However , a global economic recovery plans occurred immediately and it appear that they requires support via all amounts of business specifically from the bottom level. That is certainly means we want a good director to take a responsibility with this challenge.

Most of companies try to look for a person who will take this responsibility and responsibility of their organization and it is become the biggest problem for them. Because a new director has to encounter with many issues, and just a small amount of them that may handle with challenges and lead the business to reach their goals.

First of all, they are many challenges for new managers. The most important concern that they have to handle is team member. New managers have to know their team member. In addition, They have to know the dimensions of the abilities, understanding, advantages and disadvantages of each person. Since team is a basis of the corporation. If the managers can make a good relationship using their team and make everyone in their team can work in harmony with others, They are an effective teamwork. Teamwork is also important for the organization as well, once some associates have concerns, they will help each other. This will cause towards the progress of their company. For instance , Google incorporation., number two of the finest global brands. Google offers focused specifically on workers. They have educated their staff to work with others as a team, help and support their colleagues. Moreover, Google design their particular place to make their personnel feel the very comfortable. They have place for exercise, sleeping space, free foods and etc. (Levy 2013). Nevertheless , The something else that more...

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