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Character Notes

Important Quotes

Evidence of Dedication (to who? )


Debates on killing Caesar but has mixed emotions. Finally chooses that it is the best option after this individual reads the fake albhabets. " And so think him as a serpent's egg

Which hatched, would as his kind grow mischievous,

And kill him in the cover. "

Brutus showed the very best amount of loyalty to his region. He slain a friend for what he thought would be a better Rome. He was loyal to his nation but not to his good friend. Lucius

Performs for Brutus. Confirms that tomorrow is definitely the Ides of March and introduces the conspirators whom arrive at the house. No, sir; their hats are pluck'd about their the ears,

And half their faces left in their cloaks,...

Loyal to Brutus


He creates the imitation letters to Brutus in the people telling him to do something against Caesar for them.

" If we perform meet once again, we'll smile indeed”

" If certainly not, ‘tis accurate this art work was well made”

Dedicated to Brutus


Can be against Caesar's gaining of power. He believes, however , that Caesar is the ultimate actor, lulling the people into trusting that this individual has no personal ambition.

" You shall confess that you are both fooled.

Right here, as I point my blade, the sun arises,... ”

Dedicated to Brutus

Decius Imparfait

Decius Brutus


An associate of the conspiracy.

He makes Caesar believe that Calpurnia is incorrect about her nightmares which, there is not be worried about. " Caesar, every hail! Very good morrow, deserving Caesar:

I arrive to get you to the senate-house. ”

Loyal to Brutus and betrays Caesar.


Was told to place the files in Caesar's room.

" O, pardon, sir, it doth; and yon gray lines

That be anxious the clouds are messengers of day time. ”

Loyal to Brutus

Metellus Cimber

Disagrees with Caesar

" O, let us have him, for his silver fur Will purchase us an excellent opinion... ” Loyal to Brutus


Disagrees with Caesar

" There is no fear in him; let him not...

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