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Question: What should Samsung Electronics‘ progress strategy end up being after the peak of it is mobile division's success? D) Samsung's future challenges

To get answering that challenging query, it is vital to consider the merchandise life circuit of Samsung's mobile phones. The merchandise life cycle suggests the following: 1 . A product is released (sales start to go up)

2 . Growth of sales (strong incline in sales)

3. Maturity stage (sales come to the peak)

4. Decrease (downturn in sales)

To get a company happy to survive in the long term, it is totally crucial to pioneer in the maturity stage rather than to wait until sales are dramatically decreasing. Relating the[desktop] to Korean Electronics, it is striking that Samsung has done a very good task in the past. Korean managed to gain market share through optimizing and introducing fresh smartphones each and every time they were near maturity. However , now we need to allocate long term challenges following the peak of Samsung's mobile division have been reached. Though Samsung offers continued its success in the cellphone business, this faces a number of challenges to hold the growth impetus in the future. First, competition in the mobile phone industry will become even more intense. Decrease entry limitations will bring in more competitors towards the market, and the " digital convergence” will accelerate your competitors even further. Corporations from other industries such as Personal computers or network services can compete immediately with The samsung company. As such, it'll have to develop more creative win-win approaches in the very uncertain digital convergence surroundings. Second, the sustainability of Samsung's sophisticated strategy, that was attributed to Samsung's brand building, may be showcased. Some industry experts argue that most of Samsung's us patents are on used technologies, which are developed based upon others' patent-protected core solutions. An example for that are Apple's iPhone and iPad technologies which Samsung has basically...

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