My American Story Dissertation

п»їKamola Ibadova

Mentor Amy Karp


Kingsborough Community College


My American Story

Contrary to other people, I actually came to the U. S i9000. without any exceptional reasons, aside from the fact that my husband wanted to live here, and we received a Green Card. Before this kind of, I had never experienced the U. S. In my mind, the U. S was purely an abstract noun. That i knew of it from TV, newspapers, and movies. Nevertheless , since I came right here, the U. S. personally has become completely concrete. A new life spreads out in front of us a hope ahiving the " American dream", which has damaged me primarily in three aspects; language, behavior, and vision. As a result, I find out that to gain the " American dream" you have to deal with many concerns and you have to resolve it. The first effect starting fresh life was that I could not communicate in English. The language became the first plus the biggest difficulty I encountered in the U. S., which usually happened in my opinion the first day We stepped into the the U. S. My spouse and i felt i became hard of hearing and dumb, I could hardly speak and couldn't know what other people were talking about. When one of the customs representatives asked me if I carried virtually any agricultural products, I viewed her I was lost and I didn't really know what to do. Since the days handed, I found that numerous things that had been extremely easy in Uzbekistan became the biggest problems to my opinion. I could not understand the TELEVISION programs and couldn't go through newspapers and magazines, I actually didn't discover how to check out following shopping, and I didn't also dare to go out alone. Many of these were a resalt originate from the language barrier. In Uzbekistan, I had never had a problem such as this. I had my children, a lot of close friends, and a stable work. Life was very easy and interesting to me. While living here I had developed question intended for my long term, such us, could I perform? Eventually, I chose to return to school to learn English language in order to adjust myself towards the American life as soon as possible. Every single day I went to college and spent a good day generally there listening,...

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