Response-In Search of the Emerald green City Article

Response-In Search of the Emerald City

" In Search of the Emerald City” is a Brief story by Witi Ihimaera. It is in regards to a Maori friends and family who leave their whanau and roots behind to get the chances of the big city. Witi Ihimaera wishes the audience to know the desire working class people have to go above their train station in life and out do the expectations that society have got for them. The father wants his children being smarter, richer and have an improved life than he performed. " We have got to search to the future and to get my kids knowledgeable. ” He believes the perfect solution is in Wellington or ‘Emerald City. ' " Wellington's the place. A good amount of jobs, lots of money. ” Perhaps Ihimaera used the name ‘Emerald City' to portray the concept " Lawn is always healthier on the other side. ” Using the phrase emerald to describe Wellington causes it to be seem desirable and popular. It makes life in Wellington appearance worth aspiring too much like the fantasy land ‘Emerald City' in the Wizard of Oz . " The road leads to Wellington. The big city, The Emerald city! ” In the first book The Wizard of Ounces the walls with the city are green however the city itself is no distinct in shade to any various other. The people inside the city are made to wear green tinted spectacles which have an effect on their belief of the metropolis. Ihimaera may possibly have employed this analogy to ‘Emerald City' to demonstrate that the understanding of Wellington being better may not had been true. Witi Ihimaera discovered the idea of ethnic change. Just as leaving their whanau the family was also departing their cultural roots. " Waitahi can be where our bones will be but we have to move. Not much room to get Pa living anymore. ” I think Ihimaera is demonstrating how the Maori culture may not fit in for the modern world, that residing in the traditional way can be challenging with tiny chance of betterment due to insufficient work and academic opportunities. The father thinks he needs to adapt to the modern techniques in order to get in advance in life. He wants to stick to the Pakeha life style because...

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