Causes and Effects of Wwi Essay

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1 . World War 1 caused countries to gain and lose electricity. | Fresh European countries had been created. | 2 . The Unites wished to defend democracy. | Chief executive Wilson confident that the American people that going into the war was not only; it was noble. Defending democracy allowed these to have certain freedoms, including freedom of speech, press, and faith. | a few. During Universe War one particular, several globe leaders started supporting the advantages of an international firm to preserve peace and negotiate disputed by simply negotiation. | The League of Nations was formed. | four. The Lusitania was sunk by a A language like german submarine| Director Wilson threatened to break away diplomatic relations if Philippines did not prevent sinking traveler ships. The usa would be driven into warfare and that they had be with the Allies. Philippines did not want the Allies to be stronger because of the fact the U. H. would be driven into battle. | five. Archduke Ferdinand Francis was shot and killed. | Austria-Hungary accused the Serbian government of organizing Archduke Ferdinand's killing. When Austria-Hungary threatened conflict, Russia moved to protect Serbia. On This summer 28, 1914, Austria-Hungary announced war on Serbia. | 6th. On May 18, 1917, Congress passed the Selective Support Act, which usually required most men via ages 21 to 35 to register towards the military draft. Men coming from these age range had to sign up for the armed forces and battle in World Battle 1 . | Women reinforced the conflict by doing work in jobs simply by previously placed by guys. | 7. Germans utilized deadly gas for the first time in war. | Tear gas, mustard gas, and chlorine gas were used in World Battle 1 . They will caused choking, blindness, or perhaps severe skin area blisters. Countries found strategies to make gas more lethal. | eight. Many countries were committed to each other through their approach to alliance. | Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, as well as the Ottoman Empire were the Central Powers. The Of that ilk Powers were France, Great britain, and Russian federation, and later Italia. The Allies agreed to support one another in...

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