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2 . five Food Security Work File

Directions: Complete the food protection interactive questions. Use the data from the interactive quiz to complete the next responses concerning food protection practices.

For each and every of the following food security practices, talk about at least 2 transactions from the interactive quiz. Make sure to put the statements above in your own terms and explain why they are helpful in preventing food paid for illness. A good example would be: The moment dining coming from a buffet, make sure hot food is hot and cold food is cold. Food that is certainly 40 – 140 certifications Fahrenheit has already begun to grow bacteria and pathogens.

Clean (16 points):

1 . Keeping both hands clean avoid getting ill

2 . Continue to keep surface clean after preparing food, or permitting something into it.

Distinct (16 points):

1 . When cross toxic contamination happens it spreads bacteria from 1 item into a a food item getting u sick.

installment payments on your Don't put cooked foodstuff on same item a raw meals was on without cleaning it.

Cook (16 points):

1 . A food thermometer is the just way you can tell in the event that foods at the right temperature to kill bacteria.

installment payments on your Cook thawed food to minimum interior temp to kill germs.

Cool (16 points):

1 . When cooked food is ignored it can develop bacteria which make u ill.

installment payments on your Freezing food to 0 degrees inactivates bacteria.

In your own kitchen, explain 2 food basic safety practices you feel your family can easily improve and 2 meals safety procedures you feel your loved ones does well. (16 points)

We can increase cooking food towards the correct temp, and washing our hands after coming in contact with raw food.

About what ways do your university and community practice or promote foodstuff safety to contribute to your own personal health? (20 points)

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